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оливковое масло полезно

27 Jan Antiinflammatory properties of olive oil

Any inhabitant of the Mediterranean region would tell you about advantages to health, and also about remarkable aroma of olive oil in salads, pasta and fish dishes. Fortunately, this product is available during the whole year to satisfy our gustatory requirements and to promote good health.

Quality of production of olive oil, especially extraction stages, really matters when business reaches advantage for health. Recent researches compared antiinflammatory benefit of natural olive oil of the first cold extraction (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to antiinflammatory properties olive, received from later otzhim (Pomace Olive Oil). Researchers found ability of EVOO to lower the level of inflammatory markers in a blood whereas other types of oil were incapable to make so. Measurements included levels in bloods of a tromboksan of A2 and leykotriyen. This ability of natural olive oil of the first extraction to help to protect from undesirable ignition isn’t surprising as it, as we know, contains larger concentration of phyto-nutrients (especially polyphenolums) which differ in excellent antiinflammatory properties.

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