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05 Jan Xylella Fastidiosa bacterium was found in Spain in time

The harmful bacterium which, according to experts, has a potential to devastate the olive harvest of Europe, was found on the island of Mallorca during a scheduled inspection in November, 2016.

The subspecies of a dangerous pathogenic microorganism were called in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo “Ebola of olive trees”. Xylella fastidiosa in a top of dangerous diseases of the plants known in the world. The pathogenic microorganism strikes vessels which the plant uses to transport water and nutrients, and kills them. According to Europa Press, the subspecies which were found on Majorca so far mentioned only cherry trees and oleanders. Olive trees would be threatened by death if local authorities didn’t take measures. 15 000 hectares of the earth are in a quarantine to destroy a bacterium. The Spanish authorities carry out tests on other plants and look for insects who carry a disease.

Such flashes of epidemics of Xylella Fastidiosa became the main concern not only for Spain, but also for the European Union in general, especially how the market of olive oil was affected by small harvests and increase in the price of olive oil in 2016. “Ebola of olive trees” is one more concern of producers of olive oil which and so had hard last year.

Let’s remind that for the first time the bacterium of Xylella fastidiosa was found in Puglia, Italy in 2013. The pathogenic microorganism considerably mentioned an olive harvest of Italy — hundreds of thousands of hectares of olive plantations were ruined.

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