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13 Dec Supermarkets in Spain accused of olive oil pricing below cost

Supermarket chains have repeatedly seen in the violation of the law by reducing prices below cost, while olive producers lose money and patience. Spanish law prohibits the reduction of prices below cost. For example, if bottled water is sold at 50 cents per unit from the vendor, it can not be sold to the public for 45 cents. Supermarkets such as Dia, El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Supercor Carrefour online and violate the law, which has been repeatedly reported to the Agency for the control of foodstuffs. It was created in 2013 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, in order to improve the current situation and to protect the rights of producers.

Even in 2014 it was observed that in Carrefour sold olive oil in a 10-liter canister and costs € 18,85 (€ 1,89 / l.), When the minimum price was set at € 2,20 / l. while. Two years have passed since the first report, and it is common practice throughout Spain on luring customers by offering very low prices for basic foods such as milk and olive oil. olive oil market is so devalued and suffer manufacturers.

Recently, El Corte Ingles was fined € 3000 on similar grounds. Although Madrid considered serious violation, many believe the penalty is only a light slap in the olive sector for such a vast trade network. According to sources, El Mundo, famous shop denies the charges.

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