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оливковое масло полезно

13 Dec Nutritious mask on the basis of beer

In addition to hops and yeast, beer contain amino acids and B vitamins, which are very useful to our skin. The mask includes two table spoons of beer, one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil first cold extraction. The heated and melted butter, mix and add the honey beer. Apply a warm mask on your face, avoiding the eye area and wait until it dries. After about 15 minutes, the mask can be washed off with warm water. The skin becomes soft and velvety, well-moisturized for a long time.

Benefits for the skin honey is undeniable. All trace minerals that are found in natural honey in large quantities penetrate when applied to the skin pores, saturate it, nourish, moisturize. Due to its antibacterial properties, honey also cleanses the skin deep.

Beer can be used in pure form for washing. Use can and dark and light beer – the main thing that this drink is not too strong. Masks for face from a beer to help her for a long time to maintain the health and youthfulness of the skin of any type.

Olive oil is not only moisturizing, but also excellent barrier properties. It can safely be used in pure form.

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