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27 Nov Olive oil production in China

Spain has the largest pool of olive trees. At the same time Spain has the largest international supplier of olive oil. Part of the harvest of olives and oil have successfully buys Italy and further implements under their own brands already, as Italian olive oil. Currently, the olives are trying to grow wherever they can. According to RIA Novosti, in China under olive plantations occupied 86 thousand hectares of land in the provinces of Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan, where they grow the Spanish and Italian olive varieties.

China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. According to analysts, the Celestial increased the production of olive oil by 75% and produces 5000 tons. At the same time, 15 000 people are employed sector. But even with such dynamics, China provides only 12% of its own demand. According to the international Olive Council, China buys much of Spain, about 80% and about 13% of the Italian producers. The volume of supply of olive oil in the country is about 10 times less than that of the largest importer – the US. Total imports of olive oil in China is 36 000 tons annually.

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