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оливковое масло полезно

06 Nov Face mask to save the suntan

After the holidays it’s nice to keep the tan as long as possible, here’s how you do it.

The secret is well moisturized skin, otherwise the tan goes faster with the peeling of the skin. Therefore, if you make a mask with coffee twice a week, will keep the facial skin tan and will not be different from the color of the whole body.

We need the yolk of an egg, two teaspoons of finely ground coffee and a tablespoon of Extra Virgin olive oil, suitable for eating. Even without sunbathing, coffee can slightly change the color of the skin. To do this, you need to regularly use scrubs and masks with this product.

Olive oil must be warmed up in a water bath, coffee moistened with water and passed through a sieve. Before the application it is required to wash and cleanse the face. Apply the mask on hands massaging gently, avoiding the eye area. After 20 minutes, gently wash off our mask and enjoy the velvety soft skin. Additional moisture is required.

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