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24 Aug Penelope Cruz beauty Secrets

The hottest Spanish actress is now 42 years old, but she looks barely 30, wouldn’t you agree? Like every woman, Penelope has her own beauty secrets. Here are some of them:

168 centimeters tall, the actress does not weigh more than 55 kg. She does not exhaust yourself with diets trainings in the gym. As a true Spaniard, Penelope Cruz loves to dance and demonstrates with her own example that hot dancing makes the figure more feminine, burns calories in an easy and pleasant way. Over 10 years she has dedicated to ballet. Classical dance makes her slim and enhances femininity.

The luxurious long hair Cruz nourishes with olive oil. Every two weeks the actress puts some olive oil on her hair for a couple of hours. The oil wrap nourishes the hair and gives it a healthy glow. Even for the most important role, she would not agree to dye her hair and uses wigs in films. In real life, this is also a nice option to change the appearance without causing damage to the hair.

Penelope tries to adhere to the Mediterranean diet: three main meals and three healthy snacks.

And the main secret is the peace of mind. Even such a recognized beauty as Penelope Cruz is very comfortable with her appearance, and therefore does not have premature wrinkles and always shines.

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