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оливковое масло полезно

28 Jul Festival of olives and olive oil

Autumn is the time of harvesting, and the most valuable harvest in Spain are olives and oil. In the south, in Andalusia takes place the worldfamous festival devoted to the end of collection of olives. Las Jornadas del Olivar y Aceite is the festival of olive oil is the largest in Europe. These days Spaniards loudly thank their native earth for a harvest and are going to share their favorite delicacy with the whole world.

The program of festival changes every year, however the same contest is invariable. Conditions are simple: the one who will bypass most of festive bars offering special tapas and dishes with olive oil in an evening, wins a prize – 50 liters of selected olive oil and a lunch for two at a restaurant which will be recognized as the best “olive” place at this festival. At this fiesta you can learn everything about advantages of olive oil for health and beauty, different aspects of it’s use and value of this product for Spain in general.

Those who seriously are interested in olives, creation and consumption of olive oil also should visit the city of Bayen where this festival takes place, see the Museum of an olive.

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