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21 Jul A 60-year-old grandmother — superbeautiful and successful model

Yazemeenah Rossi is known around the world for the beauty of her body, face and hair. Now she is 60 years old and she flaunts on covers of magazines in bathing suits!

Yazemeenah was born in 1955 in France, and grew up on Corsica, at the moment she lives in Malibu. She was raised in a simple family where there were no excessive things like fashionable make up and expensive cosmetics. Thus she got used to using whatever there was in the house for hair and face care.


On journalists’ questions regarding her appearance, the 60-year-old model answers simply: “There is no secret here. I always ate only organic food — long before it became fashionable. I moisten skin with olive oil, and I apply rape oil on hair. Once a week I use a srub with olive oil and sugar. I eat an avocado a day, I also eat organic fish and meat”.

Also Yazemeenah notes, that watching her relatives and friends, she many times noted how their skin condition improved as soon as they ceased to use expensive creams and passed to natural care with high-quality oils.


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