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15 Jun Holiday of Moors and Christians in Alcoi

Moros y Cristianos is the annual performance which can be seen directly on streets of the usually quiet and serene Valencian town of Alcoi from April 21 to April 24. Today it is a large international holiday, each of days of which has the accurate rehearsed program.

April 21 is Día de los músicos, that is day of musicians when the city is filled with processions with orchestras.

April 22 is day of processions of actors in fancy suits of Arabs and Christians. They will personify the armies
of the Muslims and Christians who were at war in the 13th century resisting each other.

April 23 – Day of Saint George. It is the main part of a holiday, because on this day in 1276, the great martyr revealed himself to the soldiers. Subsequently he became a patron saint of the city of Alcoi. April celebrations in honor of Saint George take place annually since the end of the 19th century, every year with increasing scope.

April 24 is Dia dels trons meaning the day of thunder. It is a fight imitation when all “Moors” and “Christians” scorch from all tools with all the might.

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