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27 May Trucha a la Navarra

Today we will introduce you one of the most popular dishes of the North of Spain. Navarra is famous for the purest mountain rivers where a lot of trout is found. Such is feature of this species of fish that it can live only in clear fresh water in good ecology. This representative of salmon specie differs in its refined taste. Meat of a trout enriches human body with a huge amount of nutrients, reduces amount of harmful cholesterol in blood and stimulates work of brain. This interesting recipe is very simple and can be performed at home easily, but will surely please your guests and relatives.

Take 1-2 whole trouts, cut off fins, clean scales and remove interiors of each fish. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then put inside two slices of jamón Iberica. Then fish needs to be rolled in flour and roasted in warmed-up refined olive oil Maestro de Oliva with yellow label. Fish is fried on both sides till readiness and is served on a table hot with a garnish of boiled potatoes strewed with parsley or cilantro.

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