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23 May Beeswax and olive oil facial cream

Not one thousand years beeswax is applied in cosmetology and medicine. This wonderful gift of nature is absolutely safe for all skin types, contains a large number of useful minerals, outstands with its excellent protective properties. Besides, beeswax is rich with vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant slowing down aging of skin. Also fights peeling of skin perfectly and is an emergency cure for solar burns.

Properties of olive oil for skin are called magical. It contains vitamins A, E and D which are so necessary for our skin. They prevent emergence of wrinkles, help rejuvenation of skin, and also protect from harmful ultraviolet.

Today we will prepare the protective moisturizing cream from these two ingredients. For this purpose take some beeswax (about 15 grams) and kindle it on a water bath constantly stirring slowly. Without removing from fire add a teaspoon of olive oil of the first cold extraction. Only such oil is useful for skin. You can choose proportions, varying them you can receive also body oil, facial cream, and solid lip balm. The received mix needs to be poured in a can to cool. It is also possible to add couple of drops of your favourite perfume.

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