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16 May Main minerals

  • Sodium regulates distribution of water in an organism and participates in transfer of a nervous impulse. Content of sodium in a body of an average person weighing 70 kg. equals about 100 gr. The recommended daily consumption of sodium is 4 – 5 gr. Products with the high content of sodium are: salt, anchovies in oil, bacon, olives, cheese, meat, fish. Food with the small content of sodium is: fruit and vegetables in general.

  • Potassium also regulates water balance in an organism and participates in reduction of a cardiac muscle. There is 250 gr. of potassium in a human body, mainly at the intracellular level. The recommended daily quantity makes about 0,5 mg. Rich sources of potassium are: fresh vegetables and fruit, and also nuts.

  • Chlorine participates in maintenance of water balance and clarification of a pancreas. Content of chlorine in an organism equals about 115 g, it collects in skin and muscular tissue. Maintaining constancy of volume of liquids, chlorine cleans hypostases and normalizes arterial pressure. Products rich with chlorine are: salt, olives, seaweed, water, etc.
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