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09 May Face peeling with olive oil

We suggest you to try a face peeling for the person with semolina on the basis of olive oil. It is good for any type of skin, also perfectly cleans black dots. Semolina clears skin very deeply and gently as it is a natural exfoliant. If you have problem skin, then before procedure it is necessary to steam out your skin, for example, having taken a hot bath. If you just want to clear skin of the died-off parts and get rid of exfoliation, then you can start right away.

Semolina is an irreplaceable product for face and body skin. For 70% it consists of starch, contains vegetable fats, cellulose and vitamins of B group, which are very necessary to our skin, the effect is visible almost instantly.

You will need about one teaspoon of oil and semolina. Olive oil of the first cold extraction serves as binding substance. The semolina with oil doesn’t need to be mixed as it absorbs moisture quickly. Before drawing a peeling it is necessary to moisten your face with clear water. Skin has to be damp so that you don’t injure it. It is necessary to warm up oil a little on a water bath. Further dip small pillows of fingers into olive oil, then in semolina and then with easy massing movements put this mix on your face for several minutes. Spots where there is most of the pollution, it is necessary to mass more carefully. Usually it is nose wings, forehead and cheekbones. Upon termination of a peeling, wash up with warm water.

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