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06 May Marzipan

Not all that is harmful what is sweet, isn’t that so? Marzipan figures are a symbol of children’s happiness, good taste and refinement. It is a paste from almonds and icing sugar. Almonds contain potassium and magnesium, vital for blood vessels and muscles of our body, and also vitamin E and useful vegetable fats.

Almond trees grow almost everywhere in Spain, therefore their fruits (nuts) are widely used in cookery, most often for preparation of desserts of course. Marzipan is the most popular almond dessert. Spaniards prefer figures from marzipan, and also the glazed candies. How to prepare marzipan according to a Spanish recipe at home?

Take one glass of water and warm it up in a pan, add 2 glasses of sugar and wait until it is dissolved. Boil a couple of minutes and mix the turned-out syrup (it has to darken a little). Add the beaten egg white from two eggs there, 3 glasses of ground almonds and a teaspoon of vanilla and boil for 3 minutes. When mix begins to lag from the pan, it is ready. Transfer it on a board strewed with icing sugar and knead marzipan. Create any figures together with your children or just roll balls and serve on a table.

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