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04 May Las Fallas de Valencia festival of fire

Just imagine: they prepare the whole year for this festival, invest thousands of euros in creation of huge figures – to burn them all in one day and start all over!

Imagine magnificence of dresses which stand much more than latest models of the most famous fashion designers!

Imagine sounds so loud that make glasses burst! But for locals this noise is similar to divine music. All these incredible things take place in the city of Valencia, the third largest city of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. During a surprising and unique festival Las Fallas everything is possible!

The festival of fire takes place in March every year and lasts five days. Fun doesn’t stop for a minute. Burning of huge figures called Fallas means approach of the vernal equinox. They are the main feature of a holiday and are made of combustible materials – foam, wood or papier-mache. Some Fallas reach the height of three-storyed houses. Even for professional artists it takes a year to create one, and installation takes several days of continuous work.

The tradition is connected with purification and rejuvenation by means of fire. Therefore the festivities are followed by large-scale parade of pyrotechnics. Explosions don’t cease several days and nights, forcing any evil spirits to run away from the the city! In the end, they set fire to the huge dolls representing human defects, negative social phenomena or accidents.

Las Fallas festival of fire 2016, our video report:

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