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09 Apr Fried milk Leche Frita

Leche frita is literally translated as fried milk is very unusual to foreigners, but at the same time traditional and favourite dessert of Spanish cuisine, especially popular during the Easter Week. The origin of Leche Frita has not been established. A legend says that this way of cooking was intended to kept the milk remains in monasteries on the Iberian Peninsula many centuries back. Today any Spanish housewife owns a secret of frying milk and we think you already want to try too!

Take 1 liter of rich milk. Separate about 1/5 part of milk and shake it up with two tablespoons corn starch and two egg yolks. Boil the other part of milk on small fire, having added a dried peel of one lemon, 100 grams of sugar and a little cinnamon. Leave it to draw for 5 minutes and filter. Then return the filtered milk on a plate, add the first part (mix of milk and starch and yolks) and bring to solidification, constantly stirring the milk slowly.

Place dense mix you get in the container lubricated with olive oil, level it and cover with food wrap. Send it to the refrigerator for 2 hours, also possible to leave it there for the night.

When your dense mix has drawn, cut it into squares and roll each piece in flour. Warm up some extra virgin olive oil in a deep frying pan and fry milk to a golden crust, sop up before serving. For ornamentation it is possible to use sugar, honey, crushed nuts or cinnamon. That is the secret of how to roast milk and to receive an unusual and nutritious dessert!

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