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03 Sep Stuffed tomatoes “Iberica”

4 servings

Easy to prepare and very healthy meal!

Big tomatoes – 8 units tomate21

Tuna in brain “Iberica” – 2 tins   Atún in brine Iberica 160 g.

Black sliced olives “Iberica”- 2 tbsp black sliced olives Iberica

Garlic cloves “Iberica”- 4 cloves Ajos

Boiled eggs- 4 units huevos

Extra virgin olive oil “Iberica”- 2 tbspIberica E.V. olive oil

Salt (to taste)


Cut the top of each tomato and scoop out the center.Chop garlic. Put drained tuna, olives, egges, chopped garlic, sliced olives, into bowl, add extra virgin olive oil, salt and mix. Fill each tomato with the filling and put into the frige 30 min.

Sirve  cool and with lettuce.

Bon appetit! Buen provecho!




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