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03 Aug Potatoes with Alioli sauce


Alioli is the one of the most popular sauces in Spain.  You can find  “Patatas alioli”  like a classic spanich tapa  in many  bar of Spain. Al i oli  means  garlic and oil  in Catalan language  mainly used  in Catalonia.

Ingredients  (4 serves)


Boiled potatoes – 8  patatas

Garlic cloves – 4 ajo


Ingredient for Alioli sauce


Extra virgin olive oil “Maestro de Oliva”–  250 ml. Sin título

Eggs yolks – 2 yemas

Lemon juce – 2limon

Salt (to taste)



Boil potatoes,  cool them and cut into large pieces. In a blender  mix  peeled  garlic, eggs yolks  and   add   extra virgin olive oil   in a slow  mode  (little by little) until creamy consistency then  add   lemon juice and salt to  taste.  Now your Alioli sauce is ready!

Dress Poptatoes with Alioli sauce, decorate with some fresh herbs and  serve at room temperature.

Bon appétit!  Buen provecho!


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