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Mediterranean diet and cheese

Did you know that supplementing the Mediterranean diet with cheese can be good for the heart? Unfortunately, Russia ranks second in the world in terms of the number of annual deaths from a heart attack, and first from a stroke. In...

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Fideua de secreto Iberico

Fideua is a classic Spanish paella without rice. Instead of it - small pasta (horns). Secreto Iberico is a piece of Iberian black pig meat taken from the sternum. In Russia, it is enough to take a good quality fatter...

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Global olive oil production continues to grow

The largest declines in production in 2020 were observed in Tunisia, Italy, Portugal and Algeria. Lower yields in many countries around the world were partially offset by a bumper crop in Spain and a good year in Morocco. According to preliminary...

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Alcoholic cocktail with olive oil

Have you tried a gimlet with olive oil, did you know that there is such a cocktail? Gimlet, also known as gimlet or gimlet, is a classic cocktail: equal parts of gin or vodka and lime juice, which are shaken...

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Food safety

The polyphenols found in olive oil can be a key ingredient for improving food safety. Consuming lignan-rich olive oil can reverse the effects of certain food-borne fungal toxins, according to a recently published study in the Journal of the American Chemical...

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Suquet de pescado

You probably know that potatoes came to us from Latin America. So, it was the Spaniards who discovered it and in Europe they were the first to cultivate it in their own country. We offer you to cook today Spanish,...

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Spain does not give up

This season, Spain produced 1.6 million tons of olive oil. Slowing sales in the hotel sector, as well as a dry summer and spring, worried many manufacturers, but the balance was found. The world's largest olive oil producing country has collected...

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Greek salad an internet star

We have noticed that many food consumers are now reviewing their habits and choosing healthier foods. It turned out that such a simple and affordable dish as Greek salad came out in the top!It turned out that Greek salad this...