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оливковое масло полезно
2020 Harvest

Producers of table olives expect a slightly better harvest this year than in 2019. Despite this, uncertainty about the future of the sector remains. According to forecasts, in 2020 the olive harvest will produce excellent quality and good quantity, but will...

оливковое масло полезно
Olive oil and ulcerative colitis

The results of a new study published in the Oxford Academic showed that patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who ate extra virgin olive oil for six months daily saw a significant improvement in their condition. Their body mass...

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Paella marinera

To prepare paella, take the widest pan. Rice, gradually impregnated and saturated with broth, it should spread freely in width more than in height. The ratio of rice and liquid should be 1 to 2 approximately. Rice for paella is...

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Forty years of the Mediterranean diet

This type of food on the Iberian Peninsula has been practiced for many centuries, but the concept of the Mediterranean diet was officially recognized only in 1980. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary, experts reveal the health benefits that...

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Obesity is a looming epidemic in developing countries

A new report published by the world Bank shows that high rates of obesity are observed among the population of developing countries, which refutes the popular belief that obesity is a problem only among the developed and rich countries of...

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Llampuga fish stew with vegetables

Delicious and healthy recipe from the Balearic Islands. Ingredients:Fish (mackerel, mackerel, tuna or salmon) - 1.5 kgGreen bell pepper - 2 PCsOnion - 1 pieceTomatoes (ground pulp without skin) - 4 PCsGarlic - 3 clovesAlmonds (peeled, fried) - 150 gExtra Virgin...