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Forty years of the Mediterranean diet

This type of food on the Iberian Peninsula has been practiced for many centuries, but the concept of the Mediterranean diet was officially recognized only in 1980. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary, experts reveal the health benefits that...

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Obesity is a looming epidemic in developing countries

A new report published by the world Bank shows that high rates of obesity are observed among the population of developing countries, which refutes the popular belief that obesity is a problem only among the developed and rich countries of...

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Llampuga fish stew with vegetables

Delicious and healthy recipe from the Balearic Islands. Ingredients:Fish (mackerel, mackerel, tuna or salmon) - 1.5 kgGreen bell pepper - 2 PCsOnion - 1 pieceTomatoes (ground pulp without skin) - 4 PCsGarlic - 3 clovesAlmonds (peeled, fried) - 150 gExtra Virgin...

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A new region in Spain has received PGI

On May 19, 2020, the EU Commission approved the addition of a new protected Geographical Indication for olive oil produced in the southern Spanish region of Jaen. This marking guarantees not only the authenticity of origin from the specified region,...

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Superior Taste Award 2020

Quarantine does not interfere with quality. Despite the difficult time for the whole world, we took the well-deserved Superior Taste Award in 2020! The International Taste Institute (iTQi) in Brussels annually awards the best or best producers after a blind tasting...

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Mediterranean diet for pregnant women

Now is a rather nervous time for all of us, but it is most difficult for those who are forced to visit hospitals and put at risk not only themselves… It is proven that pregnant women who follow the Mediterranean diet...

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Piri-Piri Mushrooms

To cook the mushrooms, you need a wide frying pan with a thick bottom without ribs, so that all the mushrooms are freely spread out on it, for any sauce. Spicy mushrooms are a very delicious Spanish snack that is sure...