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оливковое масло полезно

25 Nov Olive tree as a symbol of fertility

As you know, Spain is a world leader in the production of table olives and olives, high-quality olive oil. In this country, the largest number of olive trees grows – about 300 million. A huge range of aromas and flavors of olive oil gives rise to a wide variety of varieties of olives. They are grown in regions with different microclimates, on a variety of soils and heights.

In nature, the olive tree grows stronger and begins to bear fruit only after 10-12 years, and the cultivated tree propagated by cuttings – only after 3-4 years. This long-awaited moment brings table olives and oil producers up to 20 kg. raw materials from one tree.

Surprisingly, an olive tree can withstand temperatures up to -20 ° C. This unique plant can live for many hundreds of years. In our factory, an olive tree is growing in the courtyard, which is more than 150 years old.

Olive is not only one of the important elements of agriculture in Spain, it is an inexhaustible theme of creativity for Spanish poets and artists. At the faculties of fine arts at Spanish universities, the landscape with the olive grove is one of the favorite topics for future painters. In the landscape design of Spanish cities, this is a traditional decorative element. Just as Russia cannot be imagined without birch groves, it is impossible to realize Spanish culture without the image of an olive tree.

The unbending trunk of the olive is not only a symbol of peace and longevity, it is something mysterious and spiritualized. Centuries passed, stone fortresses and cities collapsed, generations changed, and olive trees continued to grow, bear fruit and develop. We are guessing that the durability and longevity of trees is transmitted to people through their fruits.

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